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Cow, Pieces, and - 8 Bit and Beyond [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cow, Pieces, and [Aug. 20th, 2009|11:27 am]
I haven’t had a last week of the summer that has been as eventful as this one since my first summer at TWV back in 2005.

Lets start with Monday…  The Pirate Party.  The Pirate Party is an 10 year old TWV tradition of having a large pirate themed elaborate drinking game.  The people who’ve been here a while are usually the Captains, and they set up stations, which usually involve some form of game, challenge, or something of the like…  think of them almost as less elaborate carnival games designed to get you drunk as shit.  The goal usually is to complete all the stations, and then find a treasure or something like that.

Well, the planning phase went awry this year as all our normal hovels were unavaiable for some reason or another.  And, as you might expect, this party takes up a large amount of outside space.  Eventually, the captains, myself included, settled on our friend and fellow captain Jeff’s farm.  Large amount of space, many different pastures…  lots of cows, which are USUALLY very docile and just run away from you.  My friend Sarah herded those cows to another pasture… it was epic.  One cow wouldn’t move, though, and stayed in the small lake…  just wading.  Remember this cow, it is important.

My station involved two of my favorite wooden two player board games, Quarto and Cathedral.  Both are rather nice, and most certainly NOT cheap.  In other words, you can’t find a crappy plasic version of Quarto for 2.99 at WalMart.  Not gonna happen.

I set up my station on a table at the bottom of a hill.  

And suddenly I heard Jeff shout, “Matt, get your stuff and get out of the the way!”

I was confused.

Jeff repeated, a little sterner, “Matt!  Get you stuff and get out of the way!”

“Why?” I asked.

“There’s an argry cow charging you!”

Running across the fence where I couldn’t see, was…  and angry cow.  This, by the way, for the record; scary as shit.

My expensive games with all their wooden pieces… I couldn’t leave them to this!  I grabbed the table.  And started up hill…  I missed the cow at this point…  I thought the cow was done.  Nope.  It changed course to come right towards me, and hit me with a decent amount of force, knocking the table, my games, their pieces all over the freaking place.  And, for some reason, my phone has not turned on since…

Anyway, I was afraid this bovine would trample me, but it didn’t.  It did get a section of my clothes, however, and I think that might be where the phone bit it.

Later that day,  after the game was set up and the cows were all in the other pasture, one rather drunk player stole one of my Quarto pieces…

Short history lesson on my life: back about 15 years ago, I was a rather on-edge individual…  But more than that, people would know how to get me mad, because, frankly, its an amusing experience…  and they would frequently try to get me to this point.  You know, back in high school and all…

I am since a calmer person, but more than that, I know when I’m getting to that point, and I’ve gotten very good at seeing my warning signs, and removing myself from these situations.

Back to the pirate party, and the stolen Quarto piece…  those who know me well, can you think of anything that is going to get me mad quicker than stealing wooden game piece from an expensive game of mine?  Really.  You all know me.

This went on for a good hour/ hour and a half.  And the guy kept saying he didn’t have it…  my friend the props master could tell I was in a bad state I think and offered to make a new one if the old one wasn’t found.  Endearing, but they must match, my friend.

I was at my breaking point. I know this.  My friends Jeff and Cherish could tell, too, but Jeff is great at keeping peace, and Cherish was keeping me away from the drunk guy with the piece, and Jeff eventually tricked him into, not only admitting he had it, but giving it back.

I was mad for like a day.  I’m over it now, I promise.

Now let’s move to last night—

Arcade: Act 2 went up.  (in the final week after the first performance of the musical... four years exactly after Act 1)  It was certainly not without flaws, but for the most part, I am very proud of it all!  The audience reacted well…  and I’m just so proud of all my actors.  Good work guys, and thanks!


[User Picture]From: vivrelavie
2009-08-20 09:50 pm (UTC)
Eek! Cows are scary. I'm glad you're ok, Matt!
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[User Picture]From: jgeueke
2009-08-20 10:03 pm (UTC)
wow...you win, sir. Crazy cows... no phone? sad day... get a hold of me some way soon! I do have a computer again, so I'll be online more.
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